Beauty care Facial Roller

Face Skin Ice Globes Cooling Roller High-end Beauty Equipment Face Tightening Face Massage Cryo Ball Facial Ice Globes for Facial Massage Neck Eyes 2pcs/set

Skin care cold roller is designed with premium stainless steel to deliver a powerful lymphatic massage to the face and body , Minimize puffiness ,inflammation and redness with a bacteria-free and versatile accessory

Description of product use effect

---Enhance your facial care and facial cupping routine ----Enjoy a lifting ,toning and tightening effect---Relieve facial tension, headaches, sunburned or red and irritated skin---Helps reduce pores, puffiness,soften fine lines&wrinkles---Numb pain&discomfort before &after cosmetic procedures---Acts as first aid for swelling ,fever, injury or bites

Facial Massage Roller Dropshipping Magic Cryo Stick Cooling Stainless Steel Ice Globe

Usage Instructions

For best Results , Place your roller in the freezer or fridge 20minutes before using , use it in the morning ,afternoon and evening, You can also sue the roller before or after you've applied products

How to use

1: Clean the globes and put in the bag2: Keep the globes in the freezer or fridge to chill until desired temperature is achieved3: Apply serum, cream or mask4: Enjoy the cooling and calming massaging effect on your face and body

Beside being the must-have ice massage tools for your face and neck, can also be applied all over the body to relieve muscle soreness, soothe sunburn, heal bruises, numb minor injuries, and even calm fevers