Eyeshadow Eyeliner Loose Powder Professional Fluffy Brushes

20pcs Soft Makeup Brushes Set for Foundation Cosmetics Eyeshadow Eyeliner Loose Powder Professional Fluffy Brushes Beauty Tool

Soft, skin-friendly, natural makeup.Be your own makeup artist.Product Specifications:Bristle Material: NylonBrush handle material: plasticCommon cleaning methods for makeup brushes:1. Dilute a small amount of cleaning agent with warm water, rub the brush lightly and rinse with cold water. (Do not wash against the hair)2. After washing, press the bristles with a towel, face towel, paper towel, etc., so that the water can be quickly discharged. (Do not twist the bristles, causing loosening or even hair removal)3. After controlling the moisture, wrap the fixed bristles with a towel, hang the brush and let the bristles face down to dry naturally to prevent odor.

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