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voltage: 220V/50Hz

power: 220W

timing period: 1-15 minutes

maximum temperature: 220°

capicity: 1.5L

liner size: 13.5*8*12cm

machine size: 22*14*13cm

Note: This mini oven has a volume of 1.5L, which is very compact (smaller than A4 paper). It is suitable for clerks working in companies, students living in school dormitories, and can also be given as gifts.

●This product is small in size (smaller than A4 paper), easy to move, and can easily get breakfast in a few minutes.

●The movable glass door handle has strong applicability, stainless steel heating tube, uniform heat, and long life.

●Upper and lower flip glass doors to prevent the grease from sticking out when frying eggs.

●15-minute timer switch, automatic bell reminder, simple and safe operation.

●You can fry eggs on the baking tray, and bake bread and ham in the oven.

Independent temperature control|Timing control|Lightweight and exquisite|Frying and roasting machine|Easy operation

Precise temperature control and roast for a good taste

The timer is controlled regularly, the food is easily baked out of the oven, and the temperature is accurately controlled to avoid food baking

If the plug of the product is a Chinese plug. We will provide the appropriate adapter according to the customer's choice. Please refer to the adapter type in the picture.