Cooling Massager Skin

Face Ice Roller Facial Cooler for Skin Massage,Cooling Massager for Eye Cold to Reduce Puffiness Skin Care Essence Imported Shrink Pores Ice Therapy Cooler

Professional Promote Absorption---After applying the right amount of face serum or moisturizer around the face, use this tool to better promote the absorption of face cream essence.


🧊High Quality: The main body of the ice roller is made of ABS, which is non-toxic. The contact surface is made of aluminum foil, and the surface can be quickly cooled to 10°C, without consumables, and can be recycled for a long time.🧊Function: The facial cooler can reduce the skin temperature to soothe the skin, refine the pores, eliminate redness and swelling, suppress acne, brighten and tigten the skin, and make the skin healthier.🧊Unique design: Portable size, easy to carry. Our cooling massager is designed by Korea. The arc-shaped handle conforms to the ergonomic design, the handgrip is more comfortable to touch, and the operation is light.🧊How to use: Before using the ice massage roller massage stick, it needs to be refrigerated for 30 minutes. After cleaning the skin and using essence and lotion, use it on the face or lift it, promote absorption.🧊Applicable people: Our facial cooler is suitable for people who often have a fever, face and legs are often swollen, calm and soothe the skin and people who need elasticity.


Put the facial cooler in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and massage in different directions on the face for 15-20minutes.

Buy it as a gift: The ice roller helps for dark circles, eye bags, fatigue, puffiness.